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Our mission

We strongly believe in the creative power of the online content creators in our everyday lifestyle.

Unfortunately, many talented creators cannot keep up with the unrealistic upload standards, implicit algorithmic rules force upon them. They are recipients of unfair treatment from the most popular platforms today, which in many cases, leads to their inability of generating a steady income from their creative work.

Consequently, many quality creators are not able to do what they love and turn their passion into a sustainable source of income. We don’t like that. In fact, we want to change that! We aim to provide a universal solution for every content creator on earth (and beyond)!

Our Technology

We differentiate quality content from noise online. Our Quality Ranking Algorithms improve exposure and discoverability of high-quality creators, through our search engine and various platform features.

Quality Ranking Algorithms

Fair Exposure and Revenue

High-Quality Content

Our Revenue Stream

Giving back to creators is our highest priority. We are committed to helping creators earn a steady income from their work, while at the same time generating enough revenue as a company to keep innovating and implementing new ideas and tools.

Exclusive Content Subscription

Online Digital Goods and Merchandise store

Innovative Creator Tools and Services

Our Team

We are a team of young Computer Scientists who are passionate about bringing Meera to life. We have experience from academia as well as industry. Together we have won multiple competitions by applying algorithmic solutions to real-world problems. We have previously founded a couple of startups revolving around the online creative industry. Being creators ourselves, we have experienced the struggles of the digital content industry first hand. We are truly looking forward to tackling some of the most challenging issues in this area.

Giorgos Demosthenous


BSc, MSc Computer Science University of Cyprus

Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Software Engineering

Kyriakos Kyriakou

Vice President & CTO

BSc, MSc Computer Science University of Cyprus

Algorithmic Fairness, Accountability and Transparency, Software Engineering

Launched BadFive
Launched Subscriber
Fintech competition
KPMG 3rd Place
SmartCity Challenge
AngelHack 1st Place

We’re currently seeking for passionate investors who share the same vision

Raised from IDEA Incubator-Accelerator
€ 12.000

Currently Seeking
€ 350.000
Raised from IDEA Incubator-Accelerator
€ 12.000

Currently Seeking
€ 350.000

Why we need an investment

We have completed the research & implementation phase for the first version of our algorithms. We are now focused on developing a functional MVP. An investment is necessary to help us grow the team, protect our IP, penetrate the market and accelerate the development of vital elements of our platform such as the Paid Subscription System, the Meera Store and others.

Patent our Quality Algorithms

Build our strong revenue streams

Execute a Marketing and Branding Strategy