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We’re a team of content creators and computer scientists. Our mission is to introduce quality on the internet and push the online creative industry forward. We’re building a platform for all the creators and their followers that provides a quality-centric system for searching and discovering content. It offers equal exposure to all creators and their work, regardless of their popularity, and alternative ways for creators to earn revenue.

Quality over Quantity

We promote high-quality content over high quantities of content. This way, creators can focus on doing what they love and make content they are truly proud of.

Better Revenue

We provide alternative ways for creators to earn revenue, liberated from the struggles of the traditional content monetization methods. We strive to help our creators earn as much revenue as possible through our Paid Subscription System and our ​creator-focused online store for selling digital goods.

Our subscription system ensures a better distribution of funds ​between creators. Our online store makes it easier for creators to further expose and sell their digital products to the right audience

Creator at the core

We focus on the individual and provide fair treatment and exposure to all our creators and their work, regardless of their popularity and influence.

Support for everyone

We support integration with the most popular platforms, through content aggregation, where all kinds of creators are active. Our platform is the one-stop for creators to share their content and for followers to discover and interact with it.

We care about your content

Unlike most platforms, we ​do not affect the content itself through implicit algorithmic rules. Additionally, we provide ​clear licensing schemes for uploaded content to facilitate third party use and distribution, and avoid content theft issues.

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